Thirty Times a Minute reviews, interviews and 2020 book lists:

2020 has been a challenging year for practically everyone. The impact of the global pandemic has curtailed the vibrant sense of community and discovery that many of us usually enjoy at photo festivals, book fairs, galleries, museums and even at our local book shops. But the pleasure of sitting alone with a good book is still available to us, and it can be a wonderfully immersive experience when you find the right book for your mood.

To spark that sense of discovery and connection, we reached out to curators, artists, editors and other photography experts, and asked for their personal favorites from this year. We were delighted to get 36 heart-felt recommendations that range from quirky to poetic, academic to novelistic, visionary to just plain fun.

This list is very subjective, and without a doubt there are many other great books from 2020 that we will continue to discover. But for now, take a look at these to find some inspiration.

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