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Recipient of 2023 Artists Fellowship
Media Arts

21c Chicago, site specific video installation: Holding Rhythm

21c Chicago site specific video installation, Holding Rhythm, on view through Oct. 2023

Lecturer, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Panelist: Art and Animals / Living With Animals Conference

Eastern Kentucky University hosts the fifth biennial “Living with Animals” conference March 9-11, 2023

The theme, Habitat and Home, reflects our dual concerns that accompany the ongoing dev- astation of landscapes across the globe: first, that these landscapes are homes and habitats shared by humans and nonhumans alike; and second, that this crisis shared among species calls for an attempt to forge a connection be- tween the emotional appeal of “home” with the scientific language of “habitat.” In addition, so many of us have animals (wanted and unwanted) in our homes that the human home has become their habitat, or at least a significant part of it.


Linnea Ryshke, Lee Deigaard and Colleen Plumb
Panelists, on the theme:

Joan flasch artists’ Book collection

Thirty Times a Minute was acquired by the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection. The collection brings together over twelve thousand artists’ publications in all formats and media including: books, zines, multiples, video, and audio recordings, digital works, periodicals, and other unique works of art created by artists of local, national, and international significance. Focusing on materials published from the 1960s to the present, it is complemented by collections of reference works and exhibition catalogues to support in-depth research on artists’ publishing.


Got Punctum? Podcast Interview
With J. Sybylla Smith


Listen to the podcast conversation HERE

You’ll find other recordings of talks about photo books with the many artists featured, and in-depth information about each interview at J. Sybylla

Paris Photo 2022 + Radius Books


Neena (Baraboo, WI) at Rue du Faubourg Poissonniére, Paris, France

Thirty Times a Minute Book Signing

I will be heading to Paris Photo for a book signing at the Radius Books booth on:


Friday, November 11 at 2pm, Booth SE5

Grand Palais Éphémère Paris, France


Holding Rhythm, at 21c Chicago


Site-Specific Video Projection
21c Chicago
55 East Ontario Street

On view October 2022 - October 2023

Holding Rhythm (12:22 min, color video, loop, sound)

Video projection is viewable dusk-midnight from the interior-facing windows of 21c Chicago. Holding Rhythm is a new experimental video that weaves together vast landscapes with captive animals. It looks at the contradiction of keeping wild animals in captivity, raises questions about what it means to participate as a spectator, and acknowledges nature’s capacity to calm or soothe. How can paying attention to forces and rhythms of our natural world be a guide toward symbiosis, and contribute to pathways toward remedy?

Join me and 21c Museum Manager, Juli Lowe, for a private viewing of the projection February 26, 2023. More viewings announced monthly.

Orion Magazine: Invisible Visible


A collaborative work featured in Orion Magazine acknowledging the many hidden lives involved in factory farming. Plaster cast sculptures, installation, photographs, and video by Colleen Plumb with writings by Katherine Kassouf Cummings.

Paws Sanctuary International Conference

PAWS Sanctuary International Conference:
Thirty Times a Minute book signing in Sacramento, California

Read about the Sanctuary HERE

Nonhuman Rights Project

Nonhuman Rights Project fundraising campaign:
Thirty Times a Minute was recently used to help the legal campaign for Happy the Elephant at the Bronx Zoo.

Read about the historic legal fight HERE

Adopted Landscapes at Collective 62 in Miami

Tembo (Topeka, KS) at George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY, 2017


Exhibition curated by Dina Mitrani and Marina Font
On view through November 15, 2022
Collective 62
901 NW 62nd Street, Miami

Surveilling Snow Lily highlighted as "Must See" in ARTFORUM


Surveilling Snow Lily

Roman Susan Art Foundation
1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL

February 1, 2021 - February 28, 2021

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Natural Transcendence at Oolite Arts, Miami 


Natural Transcendence

June 16 - November 7, 2021

Adler Guerrier
Megan McLarney
Colleen Plumb
Anastasia Samoylova
Jennifer Steinkamp
Wendy Wischer
Antonia Wright

Curated by Rhonda Mitrani

Oolite Arts
928 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL

ecoartpace exhibition and book: Embodied Forest

Warp and Weft (still), video and sound, 14 min, 2021
Warp and Weft (still), video and sound, 14 min, 2021

Embodied Forest
ecoartspace, Patricia Watts, Founder

To understand our place within nature as part of the whole is an eminently social and existential matter. The environmental crisis and the frequency of natural disasters we have experienced last decades, indicates the urgency for a different logic of conceiving, interacting and projecting the natural world. The artistic community and its ability to expand the social mind have an essential role in creating a new value system concerning the environment, which breaks through modern anthropocentrism and the antagonism between nature and culture.

Coexisting, interacting and exchanging energy with other organisms and natural phenomena is the basis for developing the artistic works presented in Embodied Forest. From the sensitive to the rational, these works contain an effervescence of processes, poetic materials and techniques that reframe Forest in a set of plural languages. These cultural processes unfold nature by using knowledge and poetic freedom to help understand ecology in the Anthropocene and generate new sensibilities to an ethical relation to nature.

curated by Lilian Fraiji

Thirty Times a Minute, Published by Radius Books, Now available


Order Thirty Times a MinuteRadius Books

Thirty Times a Minute  /  News:


Lens Culture 2020 Favorite Books, Lisa Hostetler, Curator, George Eastman Museum
Thirty Times a Minute by Colleen Plumb. Published by Radius Books.

”This publication of Colleen Plumb’s profoundly moving artistic investigation of elephants in captivity is both gorgeous and heartbreaking. Plumb has been making videos of caged elephants rhythmically swaying, roughly in time with their heart rate, which gives the book its title. The creatures are exhibiting what is called ‘stereotypical behavior’—a consequence of being forced to suppress their natural instinct to roam over fifty miles a day. To raise awareness of the elephants’ plight, Plumb travels the country projecting her videos on urban streetscapes. She doesn’t announce the time or location of the screenings but readily engages any interested passersby in conversation about the elephants. The outsized scale of her projections belies the modesty of her approach but is matched elegantly in the publication. The thick volume includes transparent overlays, a folded insert, sumptuous reproductions, and a wide range of essays that consider her work from a wide range of scientific and cultural perspectives. It’s a monumental achievement to which I find myself returning often during my pandemic-induced confinement.”
—Lisa Hostetler, PhD, Curator in Charge, Dept. of Photography, George Eastman Museum


NPR Interview Live, on Wednesday, December 5, 9:10 am CST on show: "Talking Animals with Duncan Strauss"

Radio Interview with Laurent Levy on The Other Animals, WWDBAM Philadelphia, September 25, 2020


Book review by Radhika Subramaniam in Minding Nature Journal, Fall 2020, Vol 13, No. 3

EcoLit Books: Best Environmental Books We've Read in 2020

Colleen Plumb’s Thirty Times a Minute is a book that speaks to our hearts through the power of images. The volume offers reader/viewers an immersive experience featuring photographs from Plumb’s projections of captive elephants around the world and essays reflecting on the life of captive elephants by Linda Hogan, Hope Ferdowsian, Joyce Poole & Peter Granli, Steven M. Wise, and others. Gorgeous, provocative, unique, and thoughtful, the images and elephants in this book yield new insights with each opening. —John Yunker


Interview with Mark Molloy on New Books Network

Conversation with Nonhuman Rights Project Director of Government Relations, Courtney Fern, about a vision of a world where all elephants live freely and how both art and legal advocacy can help change a status quo that unjustly sees elephants as “things” with no rights.

September 22, 2020

Photography +  ________  Collabortions at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago


Invisible Visible, a collaborative work acknowledging the many hidden lives involved in factory farming, by Katherine Kassouf Cummings and Colleen Plumb. A multi-disciplinary project including sculpture and video installation, photography, and writings, created as an act of acknowledgement for the many lives involved in factory farming: the chickens and the workers, together subjected to the suffering created by our industrial food system.

Edelman Gallery
1637 W. Chicago Avenue

July 10-Sept. 4, 2020


Solo Exhibition: Colleen Plumb / Thirty Times a Minute at McCormick Gallery

An exhibition of works by Colleen Plumb
February 25, 2020 - March 14, 2020
Opening reception and book release:
February 28, 5-7pm

McCormick Gallery
835 West Washington Blvd., Chicago