Toronto, 2017

Public Video Projections    #thirtytimesaminute

Hamilton, Ontario
March 2020

Worcester and Cambridge, MA
November 2019

Burbank and Joshua Tree, CA
November 2018

Denver, CO

Colorado State University with Center for Fine Art Photography,
Fort Collins, CO
Public lecture at Museum of Art Fort Collins and 3 nights of projections on CSU campus and Fort Collins Old Town
Aug 2018

Portland, OR
Speaker: Free the Elephants International Conference and Film Festival,
April 2018

Reykjavik, Iceland (various locations)
Los Angeles and Malibu, CA
Winter, 2017

Toronto, Ontario
Rochester, NY
Washington D.C.
Philadelphia, PA
Cleveland, OH
Summer, 2017

New York City:
Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Bushwick, Brooklyn
   November, 2016

Berlin, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic
Vienna and Melk, Austria
Paris, France

Summer 2016

Santa Fe and Cerillos, New Mexico
 Spring 2016

Detroit, Michigan  
 March 2016

Chicago, Illinois (ongoing)
October 10, 2014:  Steam plant, Damen near Diversey
October 23-27, 2014: GREC Architects, Michigan Ave.
November 3-6, 2014:  Civic Opera Building
Nov. 13-14, 2014:  on Granville, near CTA Red Line
Nov. 22-23, 2014: Broadway Park Armory, Edgewater
Nov. 22, 2024:  Reception and artist talk at the Edgewater Workbench
Nov. 25, 2014:  United Center, north entrance, during Ringling Bros. circus
Dec 5-6, 2014:  Devon / Glenwood, Edgewater
December 19, 2014: Logan Square, Milwaukee/Diversey
Dec 28, 2014: Illinois National Guard building, Humboldt Park
Jan. 24, 2015: McKinley Park War Department building on Pershing
Jan. 31, 2015: 18th and Sangamon in Pilsen
Feb 7, 2015:  St. Gertrude Church on Granville
May 15, 2015: SAIC Sullivan Center Alley, Johalla Projects
June 27, 2015: Silent Funny
July 1, 2015: Howard/Ashland in Rogers Park
February 2016: RomanSusan Gallery
March 2016: Caryatids, Museum of Science and Industry
April 2016: Truss Bridge, Webster and Elston
May 2016: Reskin Theater; Hollywood Beach
June 2016: Chicago Forest Preserve
May 2018: West Loop various locations

Victor and Driggs, Idaho
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
August 2015

Portland, Oregon, 2015
April 2:  
Firehouse/Max train, Old Town
Portland 'Outdoor Store'
April 3:
Centennial Mills, Fields Park
Multnomah Falls
Union Bank Tower
April 4:
Regional Arts and Culture Council building
Latourell Falls
April 5: US National Bank, Broadway and Stark
April 6:
Jive building, NE 10th and Stark
Hotel Joyce, NE 11th
Pacific College Northwest
Rose Quarter Grain Elevator
April 23:
Reed College, Library

April 24:
12-2pm: inside Cooley Memorial Gallery
temporary installation with
E.O. Hoppé exhibition, curator Stephanie Snyder
8:30pm-1am:   Latourell Falls
April 25: Armory Building, Gerding Theater

Lake Superior   Jan 3, 2015

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