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Now Available: Thirty Times a Minute, published by Radius Books, 2020
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Surveilling Snow Lily highlighted as "Must See" in ARTFORUM


Natural Transcendence, June 16-Nov. 7, 2021, curated by Rhonda Mitrani
Oolite Arts, 928 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL


ecoartpace exhibition and book: Embodied Forest, curated by Lilian Fraiji

Warp and Weft (still), video and sound, 14 min, 2021



Thirty Times a Minute reviews, interviews and 2020 book lists:



Book review by Radhika Subramaniam in Minding Nature Journal
, Fall 2020, Vol 13, No. 3




Interview with Mark Molloy on New Books Network:



Radio Interview with Laurent Levy's The Other Animals, WWDBAM Philadelphia, September 25, 2020
To listen: The Other Animals


Webinar with Nonhuman Rights Project:

to view recording:





Photography + _____, collaborations at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, July 10-September 4, 2020


Invisible Visible formed through conversation between Colleen Plumb, an artist, and Katherine Kassouf Cummings, a writer; between images and words; between the individual and society. Expressed through photography, sculpture, video, and writing, this collaboration invites an examination of our relationship with the invisible that exists all around us.

A projected image slowly breathes, appearing and disappearing: a color photograph of a raw wing bone from a bird, a chicken. This photograph “breathes” on a plaster-cast sculpture of a chicken wing. The photograph moves our eyes beneath the surface of the wing, into the interior, uplifting what’s invisible. Flanking the wing are chalk white bones cast from a wing bone. This delicate line of bones mirrors the physical experience of workers in a slaughterhouse, standing in compact rows. As the photograph bone breathes, we are invited to join the artist in an act of witnessing the chickens and the workers, together subjected to the suffering created by our industrial food system. Alongside the bones hangs a newsprint poster, bound into a pad affixed to the wall, with writings attending to the question of what makes the invisible visible. The writer describes a practice of attention, witness, and vision for relating with, and welcoming into view, the invisible. The reader traverses through stories that lead to the interior, beyond the visible and back through imagining. Prints can be torn from the wall, and viewers of this work are invited to absorb the writings—to take the stories with them—and carry the practice out into the world.    – CP + KC



Solo Exhibition through March 14, 2020: Colleen Plumb: Thirty Times a Minute at McCormick Gallery, Chicago




Exhibition: McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario, January - March, 2020
*** March CONFERENCE Postponed due to Covid-19


Public video projection of Thirty Times a Minute, with the Nonhuman Rights Project, in Worcester, Massachusetts: February 2, 2019. Rally to protest Commerford Elephants with



Radio Interview:
Live, on Wednesday, December 5, 9:10 am CST on NPR show "Talking Animals with Duncan Strauss"

Art Miami 2018, with McCormick Gallery, Booth 312, December 4-9, 2018


RomanSusan and Ralph Arnold Gallery winter exhibition One Thing Leads to Another, December-Jan 2018 with outdoor projection at Devon and Sheridan intersection, 5-8 pm on Saturday, December 15, 2018, Chicago


Public Lecture and Thirty Times a Minute video projections, Museum of Art Fort Collins and Colorado State University, August 17-20, 2018, with the Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

Panelist, Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Conference, Toronto, Nov 2018

Speaker, PAWS Captive Wildlife Conference, Los Angeles, and projections in Joshua Tree, Nov 2018


Expo Chicago with McCormick Gallery, Navy Pier Chicago, September 2018



Center for Photography at Woodstock, Awards & Benefit Auction, September 29, 2018, Kingston, NY



Lecture, Faculty Showcase Columbia College Chicago, Displacement: Public Video Projections and Spectatorship, May 1, 2018


Speaker, Free the Elephants International Conference and Film Festival, Portland, Oregon, April 2018



Psychology Today, Animals, Exploitation, and Art: The Work of Colleen Plumb, interview by Marc Bekoff, Jan 2018

Lit Hub, Can an Artist Help Captive Elephants Win Legal Personhood? by Julia Cooke, November, 2017


Targeted at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, July 14 - September 1, 2017


Infinite Games 50/50: curated by John Preus, organized by Rhona Hoffman Gallery at Open House Contemporary, Sept. 2017 - March 2018. Installation and video project: A collaboration by Roosevelt Burrell and Colleen Plumb

The Village Voice by Julia Cooke, featuring Path Infinitum at AIPAD, New York, April 5, 2017



Feature Shoot, Shedding Light on the Plight of Captive Animals, by Sara Rosen, April 2017


The Photography Show presented by AIPAD, Special Exhibition video installation, March 29-April 2, 2017



Museum of Contemporary Photography, DARKROOM benefit, transparency in lightbox, Venue SIX10, Chicago, March 2, 2017

Screening: Second Floor Rear: Ritual, Pilsen, Chicago, Feb. 5, 2017

Center for Humans and Nature, essay included in Questions for a Resilient Future, December 2016

Screening: It is Only Necessary to Make the Thing Difficult to Attain, @ aCinema, Milwaukee, Oct 2016

Virginia Quarterly Review, essay by Julia Cooke, Thirty Times a Minute feature, Summer 2016,

The Devil's Garden, July 8, 2016. Two-channel video projection of new video works in the Portland Art Museum sculpture garden, with an improvised live music score composed by musicians Sam Coomes and Marisa Anderson, and advance directives by Vanessa Renwick

Portland Art Museum, Thirty Times a Minute video included in "Next Level Fucked Up" by Vanessa Renwick, through July, 2016

Afterimage, vol. 43, April, 2016, Peter Rock SPELLS project, Stephen Longmire, interview

Artillery Magazine, Los Angeles, review by Christopher Russell, Sept. 2015

60 Inch Center, review of Thirty Times a Minute by Josephine Zarkovich, May 2015

Panel Discussion, Center for Humans and Nature, Exploring City Creatures, David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago, with Liam Heneghan and Gavin Van Horn, September, 2015,

SPELLS, collaboration with author, Peter Rock, multimedia installation at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, September 2015

Thirty Times a Minute at Silent Funny, with Johalla Projects, June, 2015

Lovsång, screening, Joan of Arc residency, The Hideout, Chicago, March, 2015

Artist Lecture, Portland State University, April 1, 2015

Radio interview: Oregon Public Broadcast State of Wonder show with April Baer, aired April 4, 2015

Exhibition, Blue Sky Oregon Center for Photographic Arts
Opening April 2, 2015, with an artist talk Saturday April 4th, 3pm
Animals Are Outside Today
 and Thirty Times a Minute, photographs and video

Public video projections of Thirty Times a Minute in Portland, Oregon, April 1-5 and April 23-25, 2015

Solo exhibition Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami, May 2014, Towards The Sky Again, photographs

Solo exhibition The Screening Room, Miami, May, 2014, video installations

Animals Are Outside Today, Featured in BLOW Photo Magazine, Ireland, Nov. 2013.

PANT, gallery 339, Philadelphia, summer 2013

Someone I Know, April, 2013
curated by Stuart Pilkington

Stitched and Glued, handmade book exhibition, Riverside Arts Center, IL
Jan-Feb 3, 2013
curated by Paul D'Amato

Printers Row Lit Fest, Chicago
Stories Through Photographs Panel, along with Richard Wasserman and John Maloof
June 10, 2012

Photo Eye book review
by Ellen Rennard

La Lettre de La Photographie,
Book Review, Miss Rosen

New York Times LENS blog
Love and Loss and
the Animal Kingdom,

By Kerri MacDonald

LANDSCAPE Stories, Animals

TIME Magazine, June 21, 2011

Book Signing:
Museum of Contemporary
, Chicago
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Group show:
Girls' Club Collection:
Re-Framing the Feminine
Fort Lauderdale, FL
November 30, 2011

Milwaukee Art Museum
Artist Lecture
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Women in Photography
April, 2011