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Path Infinitum, 2017
(hd video, sound, 13:45 minutes)

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Thirty Times a Minute, 2014 
(video, color, sound, 10:14 minutes)

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Theodora in Paris, 2021 
(video, color, sound, 7:50 minutes)


37 Years Separate and Sawing Tusk
, 2014



All Movement is Bound to be Towards
a Perfect State
, 2014

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Kaatna, 2014





Lake Kaubachien
, 2013



Mshindi, 2010



It Is Only Necessary to Make the Thing
Difficult to Attain,




Lovsång, for Susan B. Anthony, no, for the Lakota Sioux, 2015

Gutzon Borglum, son of Danish immigrants,
creator of Mount Rushmore...
what is a monument? what is worshipped? what is Holy? where do we get ice cream? what is desecration? what holds meaning? what is built at the expense of dispossessed? are myths ineradicable?