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video stills: All Movement is Bound to be Towards a Perfect State, 2014
single-channel video, sound; 7:30 min.

All Movement is Bound to be Towards
a Perfect State
, 2014

                In the world of spirit there is no retrogression. The world of mortality is a world of contradictions, of opposites; motion being compulsory everything must either go forward or retreat. In the realm of spirit there is no retreat possible, all movement is bound to be towards a perfect state.
 - Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris, 1911

We observe, possess, consume and strive to connect with nature and animals in tender, absurd or callous ways. This work examines the notion of spectacle, and how layers of artifice or mediation are woven into encounters with the natural world. In the largest sense, striving for connection, even fraught with brutality or inconsistency, still propels us forward in our evolving relationships with other living things. Movement forward—the simple act of seeking—has significance. Circles, as a symbol of
spiritual perfection, are used throughout the video to reference this propulsion. These sequences of moving images offer evidence of our consumption of nature, and when added up together ask: What are our pastimes? How do we enrich our lives? Where do we spend our money?

Contradictions define the modern relationship with nature: the wish to brush close with the power of the wild and simultaneously be comfortably or even blindly entertained. Tickets are bought to observe animals, perhaps with a suspicion that the quality of life for the performing or displayed animal is not ideal. I am interested in examining this duality, along with tensions between interior and exterior worlds, and between comprehending the reality of conditions versus an insistent view that fantasizes the exotic.